Why the NFLPA won’t pay NFL players for the 2018 season

A key player in the NFL Players Association is stepping down.

The union’s president, Mike Condon, said in a statement Tuesday that he’s stepping down from his position effective immediately.

Condon joined the union in January of this year.

He said he had been working to “focus on the long-term health of our players” and that he is “sick of being a distraction from what is most important to our players: protecting their livelihoods and making the game of football and our league great.”

He said he has decided to leave the union, effective immediately, and “will be stepping down at the end of the year.”

In a statement, the union said Condon’s departure will “effectively eliminate any remaining opportunity for a player to collect an annual pay cut for the 2019 season.”

The NFLPA has also agreed to make some of the player benefits available for the 2020 season.

Corker said that “all players will receive their full pay for the year, including health and pension benefits.”

The union has also reached agreements with the NFL’s insurance companies on the salaries of some of its players.

The union said that a contract is “now in place that allows players to earn the same salary they would have earned under the current collective bargaining agreement.”

The players union is also expected to discuss new proposals from the NFL about reducing the cost of health care benefits for its players, including a proposal to make it more difficult for players to get health insurance if they have preexisting conditions.

The players union has previously proposed an alternative plan, but has yet to finalize it.

The NFL has long argued that players are being paid less than their counterparts in other sports.

Cuddy said in June that the league is “concerned” about a rise in players’ medical costs because of rising health care costs.

Cuddy said last week that the NFL has been working with Cuddy and his team on “a number of issues” including health care, but said the union was still waiting on a final proposal from the league.